Custom Measuring Wine Glasses for Restaurants, Wineries, Bars, & Wine Bars

Mr. Picky Custom Measuring Wine Glasses are designed for restaurants, wineries, bars, and wine bars looking to control wine pour costs. We will design wine glasses to your specifications including unique measuring marks, your logo, or a custom logo.

Common Custom Measuring Marks

We get various types of requests from customers but the most common are requests for the following:

  • Five ounce measuring mark (A bottle of wine is roughly 25 ounces so you could pour five 5 ounce glasses from one bottle)
  • Six ounce measuring mark. Four glasses of wine can be poured from a bottle of wine with an ounce left over.
  • A 3 ounce mark and a 6 ounce mark: This allows customers to purchase a three ounce taste or a 6 ounce glass of wine.

Benefits & Highlights of Custom Measuring Wine Glasses

  • Measuring marks will help control your wine costs
  • Choose any color for your logo and measurement dots: lighter colored dots are best for red wine, and darker dots are best for white wine
  • Assortment of stemware ranging from low priced and sturdy, to sleek and elegant
  • Offer customers more choices with a 3 ounce “taste”, as well as a full glass
  • Use your current logo or we will design a custom logo for you

*Disclaimer: Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses measure wine very accurately, but due to variations in the glass-making and printing process, slight variations may occur.