About Us

Mr. Picky® offers innovative cleverly marked stemware endorsed by world famous cardiologist Steven R. Gundry and New Sonoma Diet author Dr. Connie Guttersen to discerning wine lovers and health enthusiasts.

Founded in 2009 by Santa Barbara wine loving couple David & Patti Mallen, Mr. Picky® created a popular suite of iPhone wine tasting apps promoting wineries and restaurants in Southern California.  In addition they developed Mr. Picky® Food & Wine Aficionado Website (mr-picky.com), which offers food and wine-related articles and invented an ingenious new product, the Mr. Picky® Measuring Wine Glass!

photo of David Mallen aka Mr. PickyDavid Mallen has created top-notch graphic design for more than 18 years. Starting his career in the newspaper business gave David a solid background in creating clean, cutting-edge layouts which led to print collateral designs and later evolved into a thriving Web Design business. David’s client list includes Islands Magazine, Patagonia, Big Dog Sportswear, UCSB, and UTMB. Born and raised in Santa Barbara with wine country in his backyard, he developed a love for wine. Nicknamed “Mr. Picky” by his friends in his 20s he earned a reputation for being the go to guy for food and wine recommendations. In his search for the best he met Patti.

Photo of Patti Mallen aka Mrs. PickyPatti Mallen, aka “Mrs. Picky” is the business woman behind Mr. Picky.  With over 25 years of office and retail property management experience she has worked with all aspects of the business cycle. Her organizational and management skills have been instrumental in the implemenation of the Mr. Picky products.  Patti has a keen interest in health and has spearheaded health programs in the work environment as well as on a personal level. She met David at a wine Tasting party in 1996.

OUR STORY: When we developed the Mr. Picky® Wine Tasting iPhone Apps we had to taste a lot of wine (and food), it’s a tough job. We finally decided that if we were going to stay healthy we had to be mindful of our consumption. Let’s face it measuring wine in a measuring cup is cumbersome (we tried it) and quite frankly not very sexy! The first measuring glass prototype was marked with red nail polish and little hearts. Once the idea was born we decided to make it discreet, elegant and fun.

FEEDBACK: We love hearing from our customers! Drop us a line about your favorite wine, ideas for products, health and diet tips or just to say “Hi”.


David & Patti