Wine Glass Reviews

They’re adorable … pretty AND useful.
— Michele Shapiro, Executive Editor, Weight Watchers Magazine

I love these glasses when I’m counting calories. They keep the fudge-factor away with ease, and I can enjoy my glass of wine with dinner and still meet my goal. Nice thin rim on the glass and good all purpose shape. Highly recommend.
— Linda, Santa Cruz, California

I have only known about your company for about a week now but, based on your customer service, will be singing your praises to all the wine drinkers I know
— Glenn C.

I love what you’re selling. I think they’re super creative and as someone who’s watching their weight, they’re brilliant! I am excited to share them with people I know.
— Korine V., Santa Barbara California

You are more than kind in this world of people who (usually) don’t care. My husband and I owned a printing business. We had a guarantee: If you aren’t happy with your printing, we will buy it back. Period. In the 18 years we were operational, we only had to honor our guarantee twice, because our standards were so high to begin with. You have gone beyond that. Thank you. I only wish I could send more business to you to compensate you for your exemplary standards. Thank you for being such a gracious vendor!
— Laurie N. Quilcene, Washington

I’m trying to lose weight, and one of my concerns is wine consumption. Wine is hard to monitor. You keep pouring small amounts, but have no idea what the total is. This cute glass allows you to measuring with bubbles, not tacky numbers.
— Michele M., Austin, Texas

Great glasses! The design of these glasses is clean and elegant and helps moderate your wine intake. What a great idea with great style!
— Laura A., Santa Barbara, CA

Love these glasses. Same great Mr./Mrs. Picky glasses sans logo for the more formal dinner set. Store these with the fine china and save them for special occasion (and any occasion is special with wine!).
— Rockstar Zen

The world of wine is relatively new to me. Drinking alcoholic beverages to socially relax had been having Budweiser with friends – predictable taste and I knew my consumption limits. After many years of congenial coaxing from a variety of sources, I ventured into the diverse universe of vino. Whites at first, then discovered that Pinot Noir had became my varietal choice to explore. This exploration into the world of wine has led me to many new and wonderful experiences. Travel to tasting rooms locally in the Santa Barbara Funk Zone, then Santa Ynez / Santa Rosa Valley, then Central Coast…well, you get the picture. Educational, tasteful, friend making experiences – never a bad time. I also discovered that moderate, thoughtful tasting is the best way to enjoy wine. And I’ve found that Mr. & Mrs. Picky’s wine glasses enhance the total experience. I encourage all to have their wine glass racks sporting Mr. and Mrs. Picky’s various eloquent, sensible glasses for all occasions.
— Richard H., Santa Barbara, CA

Love my glasses! These glasses are a classy way to track consumption! Always a hit at our wine tasting parties. Easy to figure out how many ounces we pour as we do our tastings.
— Graphic Designer

Classy Wine Glass with Clever Measuring Indicators. I don’t always drink wine, but when I do, I prefer Mr Picky’s wine glasses. It tells me how much I’ve had to get the right amount. The distinctive high quality glass has the right feel, not too large or small. I highly recommend them to all of my friends!
— Jim W., Santa Barbara, CA

Perfect goblets for wine tasting or dieting! What a fabulous idea! I love both the design and practicality of the Mr. Picky wine goblets. The bubble marks make it so easy to keep track of your wine consumption in measured servings. They are also classy for entertaining and wine-tasting. I appreciate the high quality Riedel craftsmanship. The goblet design enhances the variations in grape and brings out the nuances of fine wine. We have both the red and white wine glasses. Highly recommended!
— The Fan Report, Los Angeles, CA

I never knew how much better wine tastes when drinking from the proper wine glass. I am enjoying wine much more now that I have a set of both Mr. Picky Red Measuring Wine Glasses and Mr. Picky White Measuring Wine Glasses. Additionally, I now know how many ounces I am drinking with each pour which was always a mystery to me! These glasses make lovely gifts that I am proud to give to fellow wine lovers.
— Kimberle K., Tucson, AZ

Love these glasses for their ease of measuring how much wine I am consuming – either for counting calories or equal pours when wine tasting. They are nice quality glass, shape and size for whites. The little black bubbles for 4, 6, or 8 oz. are easy to see and no one need know their purpose unless you choose to explain.
— Linda, Santa Cruz, CA

I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Picky’s wine glasses…. they are fabulous for wine tasting, Girl’s Night In, correcting pours, really ANYTHING… And they are a fantastic value for a quality wine glass…. Great as a gift, too! (Xmas is coming up)
— Danielle Basson, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mr Picky Keeps Me From Becoming Mr Fatty…and Mr. Drunky, right? Probably one of the hardest things to do when you are drinking wine is to moderate, so kudos to any product that helps, but especially to the Mr Picky wine glass that does it in style. This is a good size glass for white wine (12.75 oz. Measuring Wine Glass), and the labeling is clear but understated. The only downside is that the glass is so nice, you want to keep it in front of you and keep filling it up!
— Todd Pappas, Austin, Texas

These beautiful white wine stems are the best!! You can discretely keep track of how much you are drinking and serving. And I’m a big Mr. Picky fan. Check out his ap on your smart phone if you like wine tasting / touring. And these are great & unique gifts.
— Wyldflower, Olympia, Washington

Awesome Glasses! These are absolutely my favorite wine glasses. They are made of very fine glass and are a pleasure to drink from. Although I don’t have a consumption problem like some reviewers, it’s an added bonus that you can measure the amount of wine you pour. I don’t have doctor friends to give them to, but I’m thinking my friends might like some…maybe for Christmas. I recommend these as great gifts for all your friends and family, especially as the holidays approach. Not only is there a chance they might curb their drinking, they will have high quality glasses to drink from.
— Pamdora, Santa Barbara, CA

I discovered my wine consumption was a bit over the health recommendations. These glasses enabled me to see and measure my excess by observing the 4, 6 and 8 oz white bubbles clearly marked to contrast with the red wine. The glasses not only useful, they are conversation pieces and engender a party atmosphere – in our experience. We’ve given several of these away and the recipients (2 cardiologists, 1 primary care doctor, 2 dermatologists ,1 optometrist and many friends) are delighted by the novelty and the practicaliity of these beautiful glasses and have ordered more. A combination of these together with their associated Mr. Picky White Wine Measuring Glasses adds to the ambience of any gathering as well as providing ideal gifts to friends and family.
— Babou, Santa Barbara, CA

I am currently trying to lose weight,and one of my concerns is my wine consumption. Wine is hard to monitor as you keep pouring small amounts, but have no idea what the total amount is. THis very cute glass allows you to monitor by the measuring bubbles (not tacky numbers). Even if I werent watching my consumption, I would never know the glasses optional function. The glass is made of fine glass and surprisingly is dishwasher safe. Very sophisticated logo too.
— Micky Moo, Austin, TX

Attractive way to monitor consumption. Nice glasses, fairly subtle markings, eliminates the need to separately measure. Definitely hand wash, markings may come off with repeated use of dishwasher.
— James F.

It all started when I read a rave review of Mr. Picky in the newspaper, and decided to check out his phone app and website. I have worked in the wine industry for years and being a diligent wino decided to see what it was all about. Well years later I’m still finding myself referencing his site for the honest and educated opinion on wines, wineries, tasting rooms, & restaurants. I also, bought a six pack of these great measuring glasses that not only look snazzy in form, but have a terrific function too. Not only are these helpful on the day-to-day basis when portioning yourself, but fun when hosting parties! I love hosting blind tasting nights, when everyone brings a bottle to share and guess what bottle is what. It makes it easy to measure out a decent share to everyone, and I get so many questions and compliments from the guests it makes me ‘the hostess with the mostess!’
— Sas’N’Cass

These glasses are elegant AND functional in the tradition of Mr. Picky. We always enjoy serving our favorite wines in the Mr. Picky glasses because they are so uniquely elegant and generate buzz and conversation at parties. And their functionality is great because we know how much wine we’re pouring our guests – and ourselves! They make great gifts.
— Jim Maloney, San Francisco, CA