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David Mallen and his wife Patty have created something extraordinary. The dynamic duo have pooled their knowledge, experience, and creativity to create perhaps the most useful iPhone application to date: Mr. Picky.

Mr. Picky, a “supposedly” fictitious character, began exploring the finer venues of romance, elegance, and class at a young age. As the story goes, Mr. picky (a character who may be based on the exploits of individuals closely related to the development of the iPhone app) got his hands on a fake I.D. and started roaming the coast, exploring the finer side of the Santa Barbra night life. (An action that we, here at the CIView, most certainly do not condone. Cough cough, wink wink.)

Regardless of the authenticity of this creative back drop, the app comes loaded with useful features. Among the designers favorite features are the Near Me and Restaurant Listings. Near Me provides a listing of the finest wineries that are, surprisingly, near your current location. The Restaurant Listings, favored by Mrs. Mallen, provides a selective listing of eats, thoroughly tested for fine dining atmospheres and cuisine.

The benefits of this app are both instantly obvious and deceptively deep. Focusing on just these two features, the Near Me allows you to stop at any point during a drive through the Santa Barbra area and relax with a nice glass of wine and a plate of varied cheeses. Indeed the app centers on local wineries, but its uses are not limited to those of drinking ages (or those who’ve procured a false I.D. a la Picky.)

While the app does provide a comprehensive listing of wineries, the Restaurant Listings feature provides a variety of uses. For instance, ever been out on a date with your special someone when you discovered your reservations had been lost, your favorite dive closed due to health violations, or for any other reason needed to change your itinerary on the fly? This app allows you to do so without upsetting your other plans. And who knows, you may impress that special someone even more with your broad knowledge of trendy dining locals.

Even setting aside Mr. Picky’s superhero-like ability to save dates gone wrong, he can also help you plan a date, and even provide a helpful suggestion, such as were where the most romantic wineries are, and good locations for picnics. All of this is at a price any college student can easily afford. The app itself has a very trendy look, and Mr. Picky may even be the future icon for the ten for Aristology. But beauty is not just skin deep.

Having a chance to talk with both David Mallen and his wife Patty, for even just a short time, it became wildly apparent that this was a couple with charisma and chic to spare, much of which has overflowed into their first app. What designs do Mr. and Mrs. Mallen have for the future? Hopefully creating a smaller, web based version of the app (for those who don’t believe in Apple), and possibly porting the program onto other smart phones. Possibilities aside, more features are at the top of everyone’s mind, as well as coverage for the wineries in Paso Robles.

Intrigued? You should be. Check out Mr. Picky by searching for him on Itunes or searching directly from your iPhone, Key word: Santa Barbra Wine.