The Plant Paradox: Many “Healthy” Foods Contain Toxic Lectins

Dr. Gundry, a supporter, and endorser of Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses, is releasing a groundbreaking new book titled  The Plant Paradox, which explains how proteins, called lectins, may be slowing poisoning you.  Always at the forefront of health and science, Gundry is leading the way when it comes to striving for optimum health in this exciting new age where modern medicine is moving at light speed aided by new technology and advanced scientific research.

The Plant Paradox and Lectins

You probably assume that all or most plants are good for you, but if you suffer from low energy, weight gain, headaches, arthritis, digestive problems, brain fog, heartburn, allergies, neuropathy, skin problems, IBS, constipation, or acid reflux you may be consuming plants that contain toxic plant proteins called lectins. Lectins are nature’s way of poisoning animals who want to eat them. Surprisingly, some foods you are avoiding might be on the approved list, such as certain types of noodles, red wine and cream cheese. Find out which foods to avoid by picking up a copy of the Plant Paradox on Amazon.

Highlights from The Plant Paradox

  • Every 90 days you change 90% of ever cell in your body
  • Lectins are proteins that target your joints
  • The majority of lectins live in the skin and seeds of plants so peel and de-seed your veggies
  • Fruits contain fewer lectins when ripe, so eat fruit that is ripe
  • Brown rice and other whole grains and seeds are full of lectins. Eat white rice instead.

While Dr. Gundry advocates drinking nature’s most wonderful gift to humans, red wine, he suggests limiting the portion to 6 ounces. Gundry endorses Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses, which are elegant and stylish and include a measuring mark of 6 ounces. Six ounces of wine may not sound like a lot, but like all good things, if you focus on quality rather than quantity life can be good!

The Plant Paradox will be released on April 25, 2017. To reserve your copy, pre-order the book on

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