Irises Wine Bar Using Custom Measuring Wine Glasses


Irises Custom Logo Measuring Wine Glass.

Irises Cafe & Wine Bar, winner of Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence,  is now offering custom measuring wine glasses created by Mr. Picky. The measuring dots allow Irises to measure their wine pours accurately and control pour costs.  The custom measuring wine glass features the gorgeous Irises logo on one side, and 3 and 6 oz. pour marks on the other side. The 6 oz. mark designates a glass of wine and the 3 oz. mark designates a “taste.” Many wineries, restaurants and wine bars are selling 3 oz. tastes for customers who don’t want to commit to an entire glass of wine.

As many bar owners know, it’s easy to pour profits away with generous wine pours as it is often difficult to eyeball a 4, 5, or 6 oz. wine pour. The Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses takes out the guesswork. Measuring marks provide a visual point of reference allowing the bartender to pour the wine accurately. A restaurant, winery or winebar’s logo on the glass provides excellent branding and also turns the wine glass into a souvenir. Many customers who take the wine glasses home appreciate the fact that they can measure their wine consumption, easily divvy up wine for dinner parties, or use it as a tool for losing weight (many Weight Watchers customers measure their ounces which equate to Weight Watchers points).

Irises Cafe & Wine Bar, located in historic downtown Plattsburgh, N.Y., features California and New World cuisine and offer 40 wines by the glass. They provide catering, music, wine tastings and special events. Don’t miss their lovely cupcake bake shop next door called Delish. To see a video tour of the cafe go to the website and click on “Come Inside.”

Interested in Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses for your restaurant, winebar, winery or personal use? Please contact us via email.

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