La Super-Rica Taqueria Worth the Wait; Santa Barbara Restaurant Earns Picky Favorite

tasty pork taco
Assortment of dishes at La Super Rica Taqueria

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La Super-Rica, the taqueria made famous by Julia Child, is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Santa Barbara. If you’re expecting the usual burritos, enchiladas and crunchy tacos you’re in for a delightful surprise. Most dishes include grilled chicken, fish, pork, beef , grilled chiles and onions on hand-made tortillas. Vegetarians love the Rajas: grilled pablano chiles with cheese and tortillas. Everything is super fresh and grilled to perfection. Mr. Picky’s favorite dish is the La Superica Especial: grilled pablano chiles, onions, and pork with melted cheese on corn tortillas.

They don’t accept credit cards, the wait is usually a minimum of 20 minutes, and the dining room is an assortment of plastic furniture with a tarp above, but the food will more than make up for it.

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