Wine Tasting App Reviews

Thanks sooo much for the hook up!! That place (Via Maestra42, Santa Barbara) was amaaazzzing! I’m Italian and my family is originally from Sicily…their spaghetti carbonara was off the hook! Thanks sooo much for creating the Mr.picky iPhone app:)
— Fondly, Kristie

This is the best wine trail tasting guide out there for the Santa Barbara Country vineyards & winieries! I love Mr. Picky, becuase he actually tells you the reviews, and tips at the vineyards. You can tell Mr. Picky actually visits these tasting rooms and it’s not a mass generated listing of tasting rooms. His tips, and reviews are the best! We also love the Map Location – which sent us on our way to the vineyards while we visting the Santa Ynez Valley. We heard about this App while we were staying at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott, and it was highly recommended! Thanks Mr. Picky – we found new favorite vineyards & tasting rooms thanks to your inexpensive App. We would love to be able to see your thought on day trips, or wine trails that are your favorites.
— Santa Ynez Valley Wino LOVES Mr. Picky!

Fabulous! I wish this application had come out sooner. Very useful for wine people.
— sbpablo

Useful! Just the app we needed for our day trip. Thanks, Mr. Picky!
— tyler93023

I would give this 6 stars if I could!!! Can’t wait for our next trip to wine country! Mr. Picky will be a huge help to make it so much more organized and enjoyable! Any chance that Mr. Picky will be going farther north at some point?
— JackinLV

It’s about time! A much needed guide to the great wine tasting in SB. With this I am completely dialed in with the insider’s track. Mr. Picky’s favorites are right on! Thanks Mr. Picky!!
— scrapquiltread

This app works awesome. I was dialed when tasting throughout Santa Barbara.I recommend this app.
— Lead Vintner of Special Projects, Wineologist

I’m presently in the Paso area about to head out for some wine tasting and found your app to be informative and interesting. I’m particularly impressed with the detail of the map function. It gives me a very good idea of what the area surrounding the vineyards look like. I’m also impressed with how extensive your list of wineries is.
— Marty