7 Reasons You Need a Mr Picky Measuring Wine Glass

7 Reasons You Need a Mr Picky Measuring Wine Glass. Reason 1: Don't be a hungover loser like the woman in this picture.

Every time I tell someone I created a measuring wine glass, I hear the same thing: Why should I measure my wine? And I get it. We drink to relax and the last thing we want to think about is measuring wine. But if you get beyond that, you might discover that it’s actually a good idea. Below are 7 reasons you need a Mr Picky measuring wine glass.

1. Don’t Be a Hungover Loser

One problem with wine glasses is that they vary in size and shape and it’s really difficult to tell how many ounces you’re consuming. As a result, it’s easy to consume too much and wake up swearing that you’re never going to drink again. That’s one of the beauties of the Mr Picky Measuring Wine Glass: It has four and six ounce subtle measuring marks so you know exactly how much wine you’re consuming.

2. Easy Way to Divvy Up Wine at Dinner Parties

Ever struggle with dividing up wine at a party? The measuring marks on the Measuring Wine Glass make it a cinch. A bottle of wine is roughly 25 ounces, so use this guide to determine how much wine to pour for your guests:

  • Five people: five ounces each (pour between the four and six ounce mark).
  • Four people: six ounces each.
  • Six people: four ounces each.

3. Create Flights of Wine With the Mr Picky Measuring Wine Glass

Grab three measuring wine glasses and pour four ounces of different wine into each glass.

4. Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Most health experts agree that wine in moderation is healthy.

5. Fun Way to Cut Calories

It’s pretty simple. The more wine you drink, the more calories you consume. Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses are elegant and make measuring your wine fun.

6. Save Money

Wine can impact your budget or double a restaurant bill in a big hurry. If you cut down on your wine consumption you can save a boatload of money.

7. Drink Better Wine

If you cut down on your wine consumption you can afford to try nicer wine. Life is short. Treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine.


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