A Wine Glass for Counting Weight Watchers Wine Points

Stemless Measuring Wine Glass

The Stemless Measuring Wine Glass has three measuring marks: 4 ounces (4 Weight Watchers Points), 6 ounces (5 Weight Watchers Points), and 8 ounces (7 Weight Watchers Points). To measure 5 ounces of wine (4 Weight Watchers Points), measure between the 4 and 6 ounce marks.

No one likes the process of losing weight: counting calories, counting Weight Watchers wine points, weighing food portions, and measuring wine in a measuring cup. So why not make it fun? Introducing Mr. Picky Measuring wine glasses. Our wine glasses are the perfect tool for counting Weight Watchers wine points. Plan your Weight Watchers wine points at the start of each day and have something to look forward to. The measuring wine glass works with both Weight Watchers Points Plus and Weight Watchers Simply Filling.

Counting Weight Watchers Wine Points With The Measuring Wine Glass

Four or five ounces of red or white wine count as 4 Weight Watchers wine points. Our measuring wine glasses have three measuring marks at 4, 6, and 8 ounces. To measure four ounces of wine, pour to the bottom of the lowest measuring mark. To measure 5 ounces of wine, pour in between the 4 and 6 ounce marks. The measuring marks are usually bubbles or hearts. Weight Watchers counts 4 ounces of Champagne as 3 Weight Watchers wine points. Our Measuring Champagne Glass measures 4 ounces or 3 Weight Watchers wine points at the top of the starburst logo (please see photo, below).

The top of the starburst, which measures 4 ounces, or 3 Weight Watchers points, is gray and is very subtle. The starburst also resembles a flower.

The Champagne Measuring Wine Glass features a delicate starburst logo, which measures 4 oz. of Champagne, or 3 Weight Watchers wine points, at the top of the logo.

A Subtle Wine Glass

We purposely design our glasses with subtlety in mind. No numbers indicating ounces exist on our glasses and the measuring marks are either subtle bubbles, hearts, or a stylish starburst. The wine measuring marks are so discreet that a casual observer would have no idea your glass is a measuring wine glass.

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Mr. Picky Measuring Wine Glasses are not endorsed by Weight Watchers.

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